Lineups and musiciansLady Pank’s lineup has changed many times due

Lineups and musiciansLady Pank’s lineup has changed many times due to the years but the core of Jan Borysewicz and Janusz Panasewicz presume true maintained a specific also recognizable sound considering the quintet. The position of the frontman is played by lead vocalist Panasewicz, with rare help from guitarist Borysewicz (who has sung lead on a few tracks).The local members of band were:Jan Borysewicz – onliest guitarJanusz Panasewicz – vocalPawe Mcisawski – voice guitarEdmund Stasiak – guitarJarosaw Szlagowski – drumsThe band’s common line up is:Jan Borysewicz – individual guitar/vocalJanusz Panasewicz – vocalKuba Jaboski- drumsKrzysztof Kieliszkiewicz – voice guitarThe band’s immeasurably popular songs are: “Tacz gupia, tacz”, “Mniej ni zero”, “Wci bardziej obcy”, “Kryzysowa narzeczona”, “Zamki na piasku”, “Tacy sami”, “Zostawcie Titanica”, “Maa wojna”, “Zawsze tam gdzie ty”, “Znowu pada deszcz”, “Na granicy”, “Stacja Warszawa”. Live performancesIn 1983 alone, the group carried out live 369 times. After another three years the quash take in of live shows grew to over 800, a record at the time in Poland. On november 30, 2000 Lady Pank performed a jubilee concert mark Wrocaw, celebrating the group’s 18th birthday. InstrumentsBoth Jan Borysewicz and the other bass players in the band have a soft spot weight their hearts seeing Fender Stratocaster guitars and Marshall amplifiers, although currently they swallow also been experimenting with bergamot amplifiers. Lady Pank’s landing crew is also very partial to this equipment. DiscographyThe discography of Lady Pank consists of about 20 albums further over 200 tracks, many of which exist in a several models (eg. studio, live, English-language, acoustic, techno). can even 28, 2007 saw the turn up of the latest Lady Pank’s album so unfathomable – Strach si ba. Studio and concert AlbumsLady Pank (1983)Ohyda (1984)Drop Everything (1985)LP3 (1986)O dwch takich, co ukradli Ksiyc (1986)O dwch takich, co ukradli ksiyc cz. 0.5 (1988)Tacy sami (1989)Zawsze tam, gdzie ty (1990)Na na (1994)Akustycznie: Maa wojna (1995)Midzyzdroje (1996)Zimowe graffiti (1996)W transie (1997)owcy gw (1998)Koncertowa (1999)Nasza reputacja (2000)Teraz (2004)Strach si ba (2007) Compilations and Special EditionsThe Best of minx Pank (1990)Lady Pank ’81-’85 (1992)Ballady (1995)Gold (1995)Zote przeboje (2000)Besta besta (2002)The Best – Zamki na piasku (2004)Lady Pank – Box 13 CD (2007)Gwiazdy polskiej muzyki lat eighty. (2007)Gwiazdy polskiej muzyki lat eighty. vol. 2 (2007)Trjka Live! (2008) References^ “Lady Pank history”. blonde Pank. 2009-08-30. Retrieved 2009-08-30.  External linksOfficial band’s websiteForum fansRadio Lady Pank Categories: handsomeness rock music groups | trial rock groups

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